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ICT Sales & Business Development

20 years of experience


Expertise & Skills

My knowledge and experience have been built up in the function of selling integrated ICT Solutions / Projects (Applications, Infrastructure, services and products) as well as project sourcing services.


That is why Digital Transformation of organisations and the related Business and IT alignment are evolutions that interest me greatly.


As a Sales and Business Developer, I am happy to help you develop your business and achieve your goals in a highly entrepreneurial environment. I have built up my expertise in the following sectors, among others:

✓ Services sector in general

✓ Banking and insurance sector

✓ Healthcare sector

✓ HR Services / Social Secretary

✓ Mobility sector

✓ Public sector


Achieving long-term recurring results goes hand in hand with putting the customer experience centre stage


Nick has always made a positive contribution to our ICT activities and is a very welcome person within our organization, he is a very loyal team player and radiates maturity, confidence & calmness.


He is at his best in a large account environment, where he can follow up on existing and new customer opportunities.


He does this with the necessary diplomacy, drive and perseverance.

Xavier Gabriëls,PhD
CEO Trifinance Belux, TriHD & Tritechnology
Member of the Board

Working for more than 15 years now with Nick in different professional relationships, I’ve learned Nick to be a very capable sales manager.

He has particularly an awesome understanding of the customer, both in terms of Business and ICT/Digital.
He’s a real expert in the broad portfolio of the companies he represent and matches it perfectly with any customer need.

Nick builds relationships based on trust and honesty, creating a lot of good will on the customer side and resulting in long term relationships, profound partnerships and real win/win cases.

Koen Van Loo, CIO, CDO, Digital Expert & Advisor, CISO (Client)

Nick in a bespectacled account manager with a solid IT background.  In all the cases in which we have worked together, he goes with the client looking for the best value proposition for the customer.


He will consistently defend this position with his supporters to delivery and contracting.

CIO, HR Services company (Client)

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