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For what do I put my shoulders
to the wheel today?

Tri-ICT (part of TriFinance) saw the light of day in 2016, an ICT unit that needed to be designed from scratch. In cooperation with the unit manager and the recruitment team, the unit has grown into a mature team of both Developers, Functional and Business Analysts, Project Managers and Architects, with focus on Digital Transformation of companies (specifically Enterprise Architecture), Professional Services (projectsourcing, Recruitment & Selection, etc.), as well as Data for Business.


The merger in 2022 of Tri-ICT with another business unit into TriTechnology will broaden my knowledge of automating customer and employee processes.


A strong foundation has clearly been laid for further growth.


My introduction to ICT started 20 years ago

In 2001 I started my ICT career at Dolmen, which at the time was investing in building up its presence in the north of Belgium, in a sector-independent manner. With the sales and application development team we have been able, in the space of six years, to significantly increase our presence with companies, mainly by means of fixed price customised projects and sourcing.

After having built up knowledge and experience as an account manager in ICT software technologies and project work, I have also been able to develop myself further in the infrastructure side of ICT. This has given me more insight and expertise in integrated or non-integrated solutions of software applications and infrastructure. The term "solutions" took shape.


Then in 2008 came the merger of Dolmen and Real Software to form RealDolmen, which brought new opportunities with it. The continuing standardisation of ICT within companies also led to the growth of solutions that were generally platform-based, such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and other vendor-based applications. In addition to these solutions and integration into the customer's existing environment, volume sales such as servers, licences, etc. were also part of the sales portfolio.

As corporate account manager, I was responsible for representing the entire breadth of the Realdolmen portfolio, together with specialized solution sales per domain. As accountmanager, it was very satisfying to help steer presales teams & the customer in a direction that led to cooperation and mutual satisfaction. The desire for more, the curiosity for other environments and the need for further personal development became more and more prominent. This led me to the next step: freelance ICT sales consultant with the aim of taking on exciting projects, sharing my experiences and insights with others and learning. To bring out the best in yourself in order to achieve results together.


And so this brought me to the cooperation for my current assignment at Tri-ICT / TriTechnology.


As ICT becomes more and more part of the core business of companies, I have developed a strong interest in the alignment of Business and ICT strategies: how can ICT be maximally supportive in helping to realise the business objectives. A course taken at the Antwerp Management School (AMS) "Masterclass Digital Transformation; Strategy and Leadership" in 2019 - 2020 has only further captivated me this evolution.


With my broad experience in ICT Sales, the drive to build a business & my interest in the transformation of companies through digitalisation is what I would like to share with you for exciting projects.

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